Robot Visit - a name for the future!
Assistive, entertainment, practical or service visits by robots will become commonplace.


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Increasingly we will see robots make product deliveries, provide services, and meet other needs. Already robots make visits to events for educational and entertainment purposes, and some see a role for robots as assistants for seniors and others. This descriptive domain name would be perfect for a business offering robotic delivered products and services.

Domain names including the word ‘robot’ have sold 409 times with an average price of $1602, while the word ‘visit’ has sold as part of a domain name 282  times with an average price of $2374 (NameBio data).

Domain names are valuable digital assets that can pay for themselves many times over in terms of reduced marketing costs and enhanced esteem. Some possible comparator sales to give an idea of reasonable prices.

  • RobotCar ($3000),
  • RobotPark ($2200),
  • RobotDirect ($4800)
  • RobotRide ($3200).

In terms of automated worth estimates, GoDaddy GoValue suggest $1440 while NameWorth give an end user price of $5450 for the domain name. 

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If you want to consider other options, our domain catalog has a section on names on robots and robotics

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